Product Updates

List of recent product changes and updates for BugSplat. We announce these updates via Twitter.

js logo bugsplat 11/14/2017 - Version 2.2.0 Original error parameter from is now passed to the callback method as the 3rd parameter (requestError, responseBody, originalError). Fixed a bug where callback wasn't invoked when there was an error posting to BugSplat.

www logo bugsplat 11/09/2017 - Website Update Rate limiting introduced for BugSplat website pages with the URL This rate limiting should not affect normal user navigation. However, customers integrating with our web services API should be prepared to handle HTML Error Code 429 - Too Many Requests.

Unreal logo bugsplat 11/07/2017 - Version 1.3.1 Added support for newline character (\r\n) in the UE4 CrashReportClient -Description parameter.

Unreal logo bugsplat 11/06/2017 - Version 1.3.0 Added ability to set the Key parameter via command line arguments.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 11/06/2017 - Version Default values for user, email and description now appear in crash dialog. Improved BsSndRpt usage dialog.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 10/24/2017 - Version Fixed a bug with large user descriptions which could cause crash uploads to fail.

angular logo bugsplat 10/19/2017 - Version 2.1.0 Added logic and tests to ensure that BugSplat raises helpful errors when called with invalid parameters.

angular logo bugsplat 10/18/2017 - Version 2.0.3 Added ability to optionally inject and control logging settings. Consumers of bugsplat-ng4 can now supply an instance of their own logger given it has the methods, error, warn, info and log. Consumers can also control the verbosity of log statements emitted by BugSplat.

unity logo bugsplat 10/08/2017 - Version 1.3.0 Added Unity 2017 support. Fixed bug where 2 dialogs were shown for prompted exceptions.

C++ logo bugsplat 10/2/2017 - Version Improvements to out-of-memory crash reporting. We now allocate a larger guard memory block and free it earlier in the unhandled exception handler code. All Native Windows applications should use the MDSF_USEGUARDMEMORY flag to enable crash reports in out-of-memory situations. Also added back support for internal IP address reporting, which was dropped in version

angular logo bugsplat 9/25/2017 - Version 1.0.0. Replaced setCallback with observables/subscriptions. Added type for BugSplat API response data. Removed extraneous dependencies and improved download times dramatically. Build changes to target ES5.

angular logo bugsplat 9/17/2017 - Version 0.0.3 Performance improvements.

angular logo bugsplat 9/10/2017 - Version 0.0.1 Initial release of Angular ErrorHandler support

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 8/28/2017 - Version Changed event log source name to include database and appName. This avoids potential conflicts when multiple applications are using BugSplat on the same computer.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 7/5/2017 - Version Fixed uptime calculation and added LaunchCount and LaunchToLastCrashTime entries to Windows native XML files.

Unreal logo bugsplat 6/30/2017 - Version 1.2.0 Added support for invoking CrashReportClient with command line parameters.

unity logo bugsplat 6/19/2017 - Version 3.0.0 Added support for UWP.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 6/15/2017 - Version Added support for '+' characters in version numbers.

js logo bugsplat 6/14/2017 - Version 2.0.1 Asynchronous uploading of additional files.

js logo bugsplat 6/13/2017 - Version 1.0.1 Initial release of node.js error reporting.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 6/8/2017 - Version Fixed a bug that prevented the tech support response page from displaying in certain circumstances.

Unreal logo bugsplat 5/27/2017 - Version 1.1.0 Added support for paths containing spaces.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 5/24/2017 - Version Support for upload size limit per database. Added option for user to specify zip file path. Forced all network traffic to be on secure HTTPS.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 5/19/2017 - Version Added removeAdditionalFiles() method.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat Unreal logo bugsplat 5/12/2017 - Version Upload size restriction now enforced per database. Enterprise customers can get options to upload crash reports larger than 2mb. Crash reports now post directly to S3, for improved speed and reliability.

Unreal logo bugsplat 4/28/2017 - Version 1.0.0 Initial release of BugSplat’s CrashReportClient.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat 4/21/2017 - Version Converted to Unicode build. Dropped MBCS and C interfaces. Added setMinidumpType(), previously only available to a limited set of customers.

.NET logo bugsplat 12/26/2016 Samples now use .NET 4.5. This allows us to support unwatchedExceptions. Added new UnwatchedException test in myDotNetCrasher.

C++ logo bugsplat .NET logo bugsplat 11/27/2016 Fixed incorrect link for manually posting crash reports.

C++ logo bugsplat 9/7/2016 Added support for setResourceDllPath().

unity logo bugsplat 7/26/2016 - Version 2.1.0 Defect fixes and performance improvements.